March 10, 2018: New DynPEQ Clinic Video with Nathaniel Kunkel and Alan Meyerson

We know that even though the Quartet DynPEQ processing opens up a large space of possibilities, it is understandable for people to say, “Yes, but what does it do?” To that end, the pro audio community has been discovering many applications for which DynPEQ is well-suited and a few for which DynPEQ is uniquely suited.

Check out the latest DynPEQ clinic video with Nathaniel Kunkel and Alan Meyerson - View Clinic Here....

January 1, 2018: High Sierra and soundBlade Compatibility Update

MacOS High Sierra Support Update: Sonic Studio is officially announcing support for soundBlade v2.3 and MacOS High Sierra (10.13.2). During testing, we have found issues with some third-party plug-ins that will be more fully documented and added to our Knowledge Base. In addition, we recommend all users check with their I/O device manufacturer for compatibility with current Operating Systems.

November 16, 2017: Important Note About High Sierra and soundBlade Compatibility

Sonic Studio recommends that all soundBlade product users DO NOT UPGRADE to High Sierra (macOS 10.13). While macOS 10.12 (Sierra) is supported, macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) is not supported for use with soundBlade.

If you have already upgraded to High Sierra, here is an article with info on how to downgrade from High Sierra to an older version:

September 6, 2017: New Release Version 1.3 of Legendary I.C.E.

We have a new release, I.C.E. v1.3, available at the link below. Inside the zip file you’ll find folders for both Windows and Mac containing the appropriate installers. All that’s needed is to download and run the installer for your computer and you should be all set.

Download Installer Here:

I.C.E. version 1.3 User Interface

What’s new in v1.3

  • An all new interface to enhance your User Experience
  • New Automation Parameter Enhancements
  • Fixes and improvements including a fix for Frequency Display in Low, Center and High Flag display
  • The benefit of over 100 years of combined experience from Legendary Audio and Sonic Studio

If your trial has expired and you would like to try out I.C.E. again, please send us a note at

August 16, 2017: Sonic Studio Releases soundBlade v2.3.2

Current soundBlade v2.3 Users: If you aren't already running v2.3.2, all you need to do is download and run the free new installer for your soundBlade product from the link below:

soundBlade HD Installer

soundBlade SE Installer

soundBlade LE Installer

2.3.2 Change Highlights:

  • Fix for AIFF/WAV formats missing 44/16 checkbox on Export Tracks Dialog box
  • Fix for Export not assigning the correct ISRC in Broadcast Wave Format files

More information about soundBlade can be found at:

Attention All Access Users: version 2.3.2 is already included in the current All Access Bundles. If you haven’t done so yet, download and run the current installers HERE!

Haven't upgraded to v2.3 yet? Here are some of the improvements you can expect from soundBlade 2.3:

  • Add ISRC to Broadcast WAV on Export -- ISRCs are now embedded in BWF files
  • New Project -- Users can now create an organized enclosing folder for new soundBlade Projects
  • Improved PQ Offsets handling -- EDLs now drive the PQ Offset enable/disable instead of a global setting
  • Various bug fixes, including ‘Out Of Memory’ warning

soundBlade v2.3 is a paid upgrade unless you have a current studioCare support or soundBlade All Access subscription.

May 8, 2017: New Tutorial Videos on Legendary Audio I.C.E.

A big thank you to Oleg Dark of In Da Sound for creating these helpful tutorials:

Signal Softening with I.C.E.

I.C.E. Tutorial

Try a FREE Trial of Legendary I.C.E. Now

February 15, 2017: Sonic Studio Applauds its Grammy-Winning Users

59th Annual Grammy Winners

...And the Grammys go to...

(If we missed yours, please let us know!)

Herb Powers Jr.,
Mastering Engineer

Best Gospel Album
Losing my Religion, Kirk Franklin

Best Gospel Performance/Song
God Provides, Tamela Mann; Kirk Franklin, songwriter

Doug Schwartz,
Mastering Engineer

Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album
Presidential Suite: Eight Variations on Freedom, Ted Nash Big Band

Best Instrumental Composition
Spoken at Midnight, Ted Nash Big Band

Bob Boyd,
Mastering Engineer

Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song
Hillary Scott

January 31, 2017: Sonic Studio Congratulates its Users with Grammy Nominations

59th Annual Grammy Awardss

Congratulations to our talented users who were recently nominated for Grammy Awards!

(If we missed yours, please let us know!)

Gavin Lurssen,
Mastering Engineer

Album of the Year
A Sailor's Guide To Earth
Sturgill Simpson, producer; Geoff Allan, David Ferguson & Sean Sullivan, engineers/mixers

Herb Powers Jr.,
Mastering Engineer

Best Gospel Album
Fill this House, Shirley Caesar
A Worshipper's Heart [Live], Todd Dulaney
Losing my Religion, Kirk Franklin

Best Gospel Performance/Song
It's Alright, It's OK, Shirley Caesar Featuring Anthony Hamilton; Stanley Brown & Courtney Rumble, songwriters
God Provides, Tamela Mann; Kirk Franklin, songwriter
Better, Hezekiah Walker; Jason Clayborn, Gabriel Hatcher & Hezekiah Walker, songwriters

Doug Schwartz,
Mastering Engineer

Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album
Presidential Suite: Eight Variations on Freedom, Ted Nash Big Band

Best Instrumental Composition
Spoken at Midnight, Ted Nash Big Band

Bob Boyd,
Mastering Engineer

Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song
Hillary Scott

Best Contemporary Christian Music Album
Natalie Grant and All Sons & Daughters

January 16, 2017: Must Read: GearSlutz Review of Legendary I.C.E.

I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency)

I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency)Check out this awesome review by GearSlutz of the plug-in collaboration between Legendary Audio and Sonic Studio:

The Scope: From the partnership of Legendary Audio and digital pioneers at Sonic Studio comes I.C.E., a very different plug-in with a bold proposition. A little bit of context first: Legendary Audio was started by veteran mastering engineer Billy Stull and none other than Rupert Neve to develop the Masterpiece Analog Mastering System, and I.C.E. brings Billy’s latest efforts on digital processing. I.C.E. is an acronym for “In Case of Emergency” and that serves as a great description of its purpose. The premise here is that nowadays we deal with all sorts of “bad” qualities that affect our audio - to quote Legendary Audio’s website, I.C.E. works on “distortion, hot spots, over-modulation, sibilance, resonant bass and guitar frequencies, Overload, embedded digital harshness, clipping, vocal distortion, out-of-control cymbals, a generally unpleasant overall tone”. In practice, it is a special dynamic EQ that works like no other equalizer I’ve ever tried, and I have tried many as most of you probably have...Read the full review here.

Try a FREE Trial of Legendary I.C.E. Now

January 3, 2017: Bay Area DynPEQ Plug-In Clinic Jan 25th at Coast Mastering

DynPEQ Clinic at Coast Mastering

Join Duane Wise, founder of Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC and product architect, for an evening clinic on the DynPEQ plugins. Bundled with the soundBlade mastering workstation since 2007, the plugin family is now available for Pro Tools AAX/HDX.

When and Where

Wednesday 25 January 2017 -- Coast Mastering, 10th and Parker, Fantasy Studios building, Berkeley Parking available across the street from Fantasy building
Social hour 6:00 PM -- clinic starts 7:00 PM

Special Guest Demonstrator: Wes Maebe

Wes Maebe (aka The Wesonator) has been a London-based freelance recording, mixing, mastering, and live engineer since 2003 for a vast and varied clientele. Clients have described the quality of his work as the bridge between old school edgy British engineering and lush American production values. His work has merited the citation Pro Sound Awards 2016 Studio Engineer of the Year.

RSVP by 23 January 2017

Send email to Include in message body the name and email address of attendee. Including attendee's iLok ID is helpful but not required.
RSVP attendees will each receive a 6-month DynPEQ trial and be entered in a drawing. Prizes are a permanent license each for Quartet DynPEQ and Trio DynPEQ.

View Details...

September 20, 2016: TECH ALERT: soundBlade and Plug-In macOS Sierra Update (Mac OS 10.12)

macOS Sierra

In our qualification of Apple’s new macOS Sierra (v 10.12) we have discovered serious problems with many third party plug-in products that primarily affect customers who use the Audio Unit format. Please ensure you are aware of potential pitfalls prior to updating.

Sonic Studio specific information: We continue our qualification efforts for soundBlade and plug-in support for macOS Sierra and will announce our findings in the near future. We greatly appreciate your patience while we complete our qualification process.

Sonic Studio recommends waiting to update to macOS Sierra until current issues are flushed out further. If you do need to update, please ensure you do a complete backup prior to installing macOS Sierra.

May 25, 2016: SonicScoop Reviews Legendary Audio & Sonic Studio's new I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency)


Check out this excellent review by Julian Tardo, a producer/engineer and music lecturer working at Church Road Studios in Brighton, UK.

"I.C.E. would be a useful addition to any engineer’s kit. The ability to run it as a live plugin, rather than as an offline repair tool like with some processors, is a welcome feature." ...Read more

December 23, 2015: Sonic Studio Congratulates Customers with Grammy Nominations

Grammys 58

Congratulations to our brilliant customers who were recently nominated for Grammy Awards!

(If we missed yours, please let us know!)

Dave Collins,
Mastering Engineer

Record of the Year
Really Love, D'Angelo And The Vanguard

Bob Ludwig,
Mastering Engineer

Album of the Year
Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical

Sound & Color, Alabama Shakes

Jessica Thompson,
Mastering Engineer

Best Historical Album
The Complete Concert by the Sea

Emily Lazar,
Mastering Engineer

Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical
Recreational Love

Sean R. Martin,
Keith O. Johnson
Engineer & Mastering Engineer

Best Engineered Album, Classical
Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3, 'Organ'

Morten Lindberg,
Surround Mix Engineer
Surround Mastering Engineer

Best Surround Sound Album
Amdahl: Astrognosia & Aesop

December 17, 2015: Sonic Studio Prepares to Release I.C.E.

ICEThis is an exciting time at Sonic Studio! Continuing our legacy of providing industry-leading solutions, we are preparing an amazing addition to our product offering: Legendary Audio’s I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency). I.C.E. eliminates or reduces distortion in recordings; cleans up audio problems including overload, distorted instruments and vocals; and eliminates harshness, imbedded distortion, and other recorded audio flaws. I.C.E. will be available soon as AU/VST/AAX for Mac OS X and Windows based DAWs.


December 9, 2015: 5 Questions With Mastering Engineer Eric Conn

Grammy Nominated Mastering Engineer Eric Conn opened Independent Mastering in October 2001 after several years mastering and editing at other facilities. He started his career at the audiophile record label, Sheffield Lab Recording, has worked for The Smithsonian, edited a nationally syndicated radio show, worked in a remote recording truck, and has produced several records of acoustic guitar music for recording artist Peter Jason. He holds a degree in music, (classical piano / theory) and has mastered records spanning all genre of music, including artists such as Garth Brooks, Skid Row, Joan Osborne, Janis Ian, John Prine, George Strait, Trisha Yearwood, Willie Nelson, Allison Moorer, JJ Cale, John Wait, Ted Nugent, Tony Joe White, and many many many more.

1) Tell us about your mastering philosophy and workflow
All analog, all the time.

2) What projects are you currently working on?
Brian Setzer, Paul Burch, Turnpike Troubadours, Garth Brooks, Modoc

3) Why/how do you use soundBlade HD?
Why? It's the best playback engine I've heard. How? Playback of digital source material and capture of my analog console. Editing of EQ'd masters and master delivery.

4) What other DAWs do you use for production?

5) What is the future of music delivery?
Cassette tape with a USB flash drive in the shell.

March 18, 2015: 5 Questions With Mastering Engineer David Hadzis

David HadzisA music industry professional since 1985, David Hadzis is both the founder and manager of Arthanor Productions in Geneva, Switzerland.

Having begun his career as a composer (he has been honoured four times by the Ascap International Awards), David has subsequently achieved prominence as a musician and singer, sound engineer, record producer, project manager, consultant and as a music columnist for Television Suisse Romande, Switzerland's French-language TV network. Along the way he has collaborated with a wide spectrum of internationally acclaimed musicians, artists and producers.

David was recently honored by the Academy of Jazz/United Music Foundation for his restoration and archival work on the Sidney Bechet album 'En Suisse'.


February 9, 2015: soundBlade Users Gather Grammy® Awards

Sonic Studio congratulates all of our soundBlade users that were nominated for 2015 Grammy Awards!

Here is a list of winners*:


Lurssen Mastering:

Happy (Pharrell Williams song)
Reuben Cohen – Lurssen Mastering
Miranda Lambert
Label: RCA Nashville
Winds Of Samsara
Ricky Kej & Wouter Kellerman
Label: Listen 2 Africa
A Feather’s Not A Bird
Rosanne Cash
Track from: The River & The Thread
Label: Blue Note Records
A Feather’s Not A Bird
Rosanne Cash
Rosanne Cash & John Leventhal, songwriters (Rosanne Cash)
Track from: The River & The Thread
Label: Blue Note Records;
The River & The Thread
Rosanne Cash
Label: Blue Note Records


Airshow Mastering:

The Earls Of Leicester
The Earls Of Leicester
Label: Rounder
The Rise & Fall Of Paramount Records, Volume One (1917-27)
Susan Archie, Dean Blackwood & Jack White, art directors (Various Artists)
Label: Third Man Records/ Revenant Records


Azica Records:

Jason Vieaux
Label: Azica Records

Read Azica Mastering Engineer Bruce Egre's article on the changing nature of producing and marketing classical music HERE.

*Should you be on this list? Drop us a note at

February 6, 2015: AudioRepair Toolkit Released

ART VideoSonic Studio, LLC, the leader in ultra–fidelity production tools for audio engineers, announces the release of AudioRepair Toolkit (ART). Based on our acclaimed NoNOISET™ restoration technology, ART provides a select set of noise removal tools for incredible productivity with the best results possible.

ART is a Macintosh based high-resolution audio application that repairs all manners of damaged sound files by removing interfering events while preserving the sound quality of the original material. ART's efficiency comes in the form of its simple, easy-to-use interface. Based on the same EmmyTM award-winning NoNOISE toolset, ART includes our legendary DeNoise, DeClick and DeCrackle processes with the new addition of our spectrogram-based Repair Tool LE. In addition, AudioRepair Toolkit supports full Broadcast WAV metadata for recording and export including ISRC, encoding history and SMPTE timestamp.

READ More About ART...
LEARN More About ART...

May 21, 2014: Sonic Studio Pro NoNOISE 3 Overview and Tutorial

NoNOISE 3NoNOISE 3 is based on the award winning and legendary noise removal system that pioneered the digital audio restoration industry. Used by professional engineers on millions of albums from Classical to Rock, archival and historical recordings, and by forensic scientists at worldwide law enforcement and clandestine surveillance agencies, NoNOISE 3 is now available for the first time as an Audio Units and VST plug-in.

We've prepared an overview and instuctional tutorial on NoNOISE 3.

View NoNOISE 3 Overview and Tutorial

Learn More About NoNOISE 3

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