Manual DeClick II Native

Created exclusively for MacExclusively for OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard & Later

Manual DeClick II Native is truly digital magic that save tracks, mixes, time, and money

A key part of the NoNOISE II restoration bundle, Manual DeClick II Native is an updated and improved version of the legendary restoration technology from Sonic. The Grammy® award winning NoNOISE technology set the standard by which all other restoration tool-sets are judged.

Because NoNOISE II is built on the Sonic Studio Engine, you can be certain that the processing is double-precision resulting in

  • Less quantization noise
  • No timbral shifts
  • Dramatically lower distortion and artifacts

Manual DeClick II Native is a precise digital resynthesis technology unlike anything you've ever experienced. Manual DeClick II operates in the frequency domain, seamlessly repairing audio that you may have give-up for unsavable.

Key features:
  • Five DeClick algorithms
  • Two DeCrackle algorithms
  • Sample rate support to 192 kHz
  • Background soundfile processing
  • Unlimited Undo

Award Winning

NoNOISE has been recognized with Grammy®, Emmy® and Oscar® awards as well as the Mix Technology Hall Of Fame. NoNOISE is absolutely the most impressive and pristine digital audio restoration software available.

Praise for NoNOISE Products


Manual DeClick II Option for soundBlade (HD, SE, LE) comes with optimized modes for focused reconstruction of damaged samples, but it can also be deployed on entire tracks for fast global DeClicking or DeCrackling repairs. There are five repair modes which feature proprietary resynthesis algorithms that manually driven from the traditional time–based timeline of soundBlade.

Manual DeClicking II Repair Modes

  • Type A — Period or harmonic spectral content
  • Type B — Non–harmonic or mixed spectral content
  • Type C — Period or harmonic spectral content with validated repair
  • Type D — Timbrally–matched content, optimized for voice
  • Type E — Broad spectrum content, distortion reduction
  • Production DeCrackle for background soundfile DeCrackle processing

Manual DeClick DeCrackle


Production DeCrackle, used in the Sonic Studio Process app and licensed with the Manual DeClick II iLok license, is the background or faster than real time version of theType E interpolator.The DeCrackler, both manual and background versions, provide unparalleled distortion reduction for a segment or an entire sound file.

The A through D Type DeClickers are designed to operate on time–limited regions of a sound file. The Type E DeCrackle can operate on any length or duration of material. The depth of repair is adjustable, allowing you to tailor the repair to the needs of each job and the results are undo-able at anytime.

Listen to what Manual DeClick II can Do

Manual DeClick II Demo Video

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