Broadband DeNOISE II Native

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Award-winning technology for soundBlade

The Broadband DeNOISE II option is part of Sonic Studio's NoNOISE II restoration product line, and is an updated and improved version of the legendary restoration technology from Sonic Solutions. The Grammy® award winning NoNOISE technology set the standard by which all other restoration tool-sets are judged.

Because NoNOISE II is built on the Sonic Studio Engine, you can be certain that the processing is double-precision resulting in

  • Less quantization noise
  • No timbral shifts
  • Dramatically lower distortion and artifacts

The Broadband DeNOISE global plug-in for soundBlade* is designed to address audio contamination from Broadband or wideband noise sources. Whether the problems are electrical or acoustical, Broadband DeNOISE II can vastly improve perceived fidelity and provide a quiet, more uniform noise floor to your recordings without objectionable artifacts or any shift in timbre or room tone. * Requires soundBlade LE, SE or HD

Key features:

  • Single-ended noise reduction
  • Sample rate support to 192 kHz
  • Adjustable real-time algorithms
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  • Noise Estimate save and recall
  • Auto or manual noise estimation

Broadband DeNOISE II is effective on these and other types of noise:

  • Modulation and asperity noise on analog magnetic recordings
  • Obtrusive grain–induced noise in optical motion picture soundtracks
  • Johnson-Nyquist noise in analog signal chains
  • Acoustical noises from engines, HVAC units, wind, water, insects & other sources
  • Colorless suppression of excessive reverberation Manual DeClick II Native is a precise digital resynthesis technology unlike anything you've ever experienced. Manual DeClick II operates in the frequency domain, seamlessly repairing audio that you may have give-up for unsavable.

Broadband DeNOISE II Native

Broadband DeNOISE II Native is the perfect add-on to soundBlade LE, SE and HD, and can be deployed as a real–time, foreground, user–directed mono, stereo or multi-channel tool. Broadband DeNOISE II is fully adjustable for detailed control of the restoration process, but can also run with default settings for cost–constrained, time–critical jobs or as a “black box,” real–time flow–through processor.

Broadband DeNOISE II is must-have technology for any digital audio engineer that requires exacting detail and utmost workflow flexibility.

Award Winning

NoNOISE has been recognized with Grammy®, Emmy® and Oscar® awards as well as the Mix Technology Hall Of Fame. NoNOISE is absolutely the most impressive and pristine digital audio restoration software available.

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