All Access Product Comparison

For Mac OS 10.6.8->MacOS Mojave

All Access HD

All Access LE

All Access Plug-Ins

Sonic Studio Global EQ
DDP: Create & Open
Quicktime Interlock (video playback/sync)
NoNOISE DeCrackle
Online Technical Support
All new version updates and feature additions
Retail Value

Price (USD) Annual




Price (USD) 90-Days




What is All Access?

All Access is a new subscription program from Sonic Studio that gives professional mastering engineers, producers and independent musicians access to all of soundBlade’s features, functions and updates. For an incredibly low annual or 90-day subscription price, users can choose between two levels of access to Sonic Studio's soundBlade mastering software, NoNOISE restoration tools and world-renowned processing plug-ins that would typically cost thousands of dollars to own.

Here's How All Access Works:

You select either All Access LE or All Access HD, and then elect either 90 day or Annual Licensing. Licenses are set-up for automatic renewal and can be cancelled at anytime.

Please note: All Access participation does not require the surrender of an existing soundBlade license. That means that any fully owned soundBlade or plug-in is retained even after the expiration of an All Access license.

Prefer only a permanent soundBlade license?

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