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What everyone is saying about Amarra...

Marin L. Martin L:

Christian LP Christian LP:

"Amarra is a part of my quest for a better sound."

Beniot M. Beniot M:

"My name is Benoit from France. I am very pleased with my Amarra software and i hope you will enjoy this picture."
Christian LP Luis C:

"In my system, Amarra was the lost link In digital audio. I made A/B comparaison tests with PureMusic, Fidelia, Audirvana and others and I stayed with Amarra Hifi."

John G. John G:

"I own and have used many of the competitive processing software e.g. Pure Music, Korg Audiogate, JRiver, etc., but Amarra is my personal favorite."
Dale E Dale E:

"Simply put, Sonic Studio's Amarra software is the finishing touch that is needed in a all digital systems."

Dez F. Dez F:

"Amarra took me fully digital. Once I heard the SQ available from ripped CDs with Amarra, combined with the convenient music management of iTunes, I sold my turntable and began adding hi-res files to my collection."
Turgay C Turgay C:

"Not digital sounding at all, organic, musical and paced."

Ken W.

“I cannot believe what a difference it makes! As all my friends know, I already have a nice set-up with some world-class components. Amarra has shown me that I was still missing out…"

Michael R.

“Amarra was used on many presentations on the HighEnd 2012 in Munich. With a good reason: it's the best way to play back music in highest possible quality on a Mac."

James S.

“I can't listen to anything without it on now! Thanks for making my speakers sound like they're worth 3 times more than what I paid!”

Michael L.

“Please help me, i could not live without amarra anymore.”

Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound

“...the best and easiest way for a Mac-owning music-lover to optimize his iTunes playback experience is with the Amarra software package."

Art Dudley, Stereophile Magazine

“Amarra sounded wonderful…"

Enrique W.

“…the audio quality is absolutely remarkable and very close to analog sound."

Steve P.

“'y sounded overloaded, played beautifully with Amarra…"


“Executive Summary:
Amarra 2.0 is still the best player..”


“Soundwise there is no competition. I still prefer Amarra over all other players. Much better dynamics and color then all the other players”

Larry G.

“Listening to the Rolling Stones Love in Vain with and without Amarra was remarkable. ...It went from sounding like a very good recording to sounding more realistic and live - the speakers totally disappeared with Amarra activated.!”

Amarra User

“I own Pure Music, and iTunes, and Fidelia as well. I have compared them side by side for many many months. ...to my ears Amarra is the best and it is without a doubt better than any CDP I've ever heard."

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