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soundBlade Mastering Software For The Mac

soundBlade is the professional digital audio mastering software benchmark. Proven with millions of commercial tracks for both CD and electronic music delivery such as iTunes, nothing sounds like soundBlade. In fact, it's like no other digital audio workstation (DAW). soundBlade's unique workflow is optimzed for the purpose of mastering, restoring and editing audio. soundBlade systems are used by the world's top mastering engineers everyday. They rely on soundBlade to produce fantastic masters. So should you.

In soundBlade, mixes have more depth, detail and a greater sense of presence than what you're used to hearing from any other DAW. That's because all soundBlade systems are based on the Sonic Studio Engine (SSE), our highly optimzed digital audio processing technology that eliminates barriers to great sound. And, that sonic improvement is embeded into your CDs, DDP or exported files.

We invite you to review the soundBlade application feature chart below and decide which is best for your studio's needs, then sign up for a 14-day trial version to test soundBlade out yourself.

soundBlade LE
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soundBlade LE $295 or Subscriptions start@ $44.97


  • Drag and drop/import, edit and assemble stereo music with increased soundstage and presence
  • Supports sample rates up to 192 kHz
  • Imports AIFF, WAV, BWF and most compressed file formats such as MP3 or FLAC
  • Use for electronic music delivery: export AIFF, WAV or Broadcast Wave files
  • Global 4 band Sonic EQ
  • Sonic Mastering Dithers
  • Real-time segment volume with -144db to +24 db range of control
  • DDP File Open and edit
  • Burn CDs and DDP 2.0 with CDTEXT support
  • Support for most FireWire and many USB hardware interfaces
  • Includes securePlayer encrypted master client reference player
  • Replaces PMCD - See upgrade info below

UPGRADE from LE 2.0 to soundBlade LE Version 2.2 (requires LE 2.0 License)

Upgrade from PMCD for $149
(requires PMCD License)

soundBlade SE $695


All the features of soundBlade LE PLUS:

  • Record 2/4 tracks up to 192 kHz
  • AU/VST plug-in support (VIDEO)
  • Includes Sonic Studio Process Sample Rate Conversion app. (VIDEO)
  • Sonic's famous Source-to-destination editing model
  • Precision fade editing wth Edit Fade Mode



UPGRADE from SE 2.0 to soundBlade SE Version 2.2
(requires SE 2.0 License)

Upgrade from soundBlade v1 to SE 2.2 for $179 (requires legacy soundBlade License)

Upgrade from PreMaster CD to SE 2.2 for $359 (requires PMCD License)

Upgrade from soundBlade LE 2.2 for $379
(requires LE 2.2 License)

soundBlade HD $1495 or Subscriptions start@ $119.97


All of the power of soundBlade SE AND:

  • 8/16-track recording editing and delivery
  • 384 kHz support
  • Precision Quicktime interlock
  • Support for multiple projects
  • Flexible syncing capabilities
  • Sonic Studio Mastering EQ Audio Units Plug-in (VIDEO)

UPGRADE from HD 2.0 to soundBlade HD Version 2.2 $150 (requires HD 2.0 License)

Upgrade from soundBlade v1 for $429 (requires legacy soundBlade License)

Upgrade from soundBlade SE 2.2 for $695 (requires SE 2.2 License)

Upgrade from soundBlade LE 2.2 for $1,099 (requires LE 2.2 License)

Upgrade from PreMaster CD for $929 (requires PMCD License)

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