Amarra sQ+

Created exclusively for MacExclusively for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion & Later

Amarra 4 Luxe and MQA

Amarra sQ+ offers the most advanced processing and control for all Mac audio sources.

  • Easy to use - Works with all local file playback and streaming audio sources
  • Quality - Proven professional grade audio tools for optimal sound
  • Flexible - Control directly from Mac or with our iOS Remote, now available for Amarra sQ+

Professional EQ

  • Gain advanced EQ control with full professional EQ
  • Increase command over your sound with 13 filter types (Presence, Band Pass, Band Stop, Hi / Lo Shelf, Hi / Lo Pass, RIAA, and more...)
  • Professional quality 4-band, full-parametric EQ with multiple filter types giving you infinite control over tone/timbre of your music

Professional EQ

Audio Conditioner

Audio Conditioner

Use Audio Conditioner to clarify ANY and ALL audio on your Mac
  • Remove noise from any audio source
  • Reduce 'listening fatigue'
  • Improve clarity and understanding
  • Optimize the sound of Skype, YouTube, gaming, sporting events, recorded/online lectures, old movies, and more...
  • Customized presets for music, video, and voice

Amarra iOS Remote

Control your Amarra Player using the Amarra Remote
Operate Powerful Equalization from your Couch
Choose your output without touching your Mac
Utilize Optional iRC Room Correction via remote control

Control Powerful EQ from your Couch

Hear the highest quality playback of each unique song with EQ

  • User adjustable filters and Q

  • Four bands

  • Customized presets for headphones and genres

Amarra remote EQ

Praise for Amarra sQ+

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